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# About Me

A little bit about myself

My name is Lorenzo Pappalettera. I was born and raised in Holland and I'm also half italian. My one real hobby is computing, I do it literally every day as there is always something to do. Professionally, I love developing games with Unity and wouldn't trade that for anything else. It's what I'm good at, I possess a whole lot of experience with this game engine and the architecture that I made for it. So I'm not accepting work in other game engines at the moment, but I might be willing to work in Unreal Engine someday. For now I'll stick with Unity though, it works really well and is easy to work with.

I specialize in AI development, that's my main area of expertise, but working solo for a few years has gained me a lot of game code insight (especially with first-person shooters). I am and always have been a tireless seeker of knowledge and I love the logic and structure of programming. I have a big passion for perfection and always strive to write elegant and efficient code. I would like to develop beautiful games of any kind in the future. If I can make others happy with the work I do then of course I will be very happy too! In my spare time I educate myself and also try out many different games.

# Experience

My experience over the years

Let's start off with what I seek in a company. I'd like to see a company that cares about its developers. A company that allows me to develop. A company that allows me to continue my learning. And a friendly team environment that makes me feel at home. Most importantly, I want to be creating something meaningful. Something that will add value to the world.

I have worked as a gamedev intern at STARK Learning, in my time there I've made a serious game in Unity and a VIVE game in Unreal Engine. I have also participated in the global game jam and I have started my own company called BlissForge, which works on arcade games for on the PC (see BlissForge.com). Like for example our latest game "VOXEL WAR", an arcade-genre FPS. We are also considering working on text-based MMORPGs, playable right in your browser or via an Android app. The first one would be my initial project "Arcadium Within", which right now is more of a hobby project than a professional engagement. It's a serious game about lucid dreams, ment to be educational and fun. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game.

# Skills

My progression of stuff I've worked with

Software Ideas Modeler
Visual Studio
Unreal Engine
Adobe Photoshop
PHP & MySql
Microsoft Office
LibreOffice Writer
OBS Studio

# Education

What I have been studying

I started with the ICT Management Assistant training course at MBO level 3 (the abbreviation "MBO" stands for middle-level applied education), while normally you should begin with MBO level 1 or 2 when you just graduated at VMBO-BB (the abbreviation "VMBO-BB" stands for basic profession-oriented learning path of the pre-vocational secondary education). But my grades were pretty high so they made me start at MBO level 3 immediately.

After having done that, I decided to pursue gamedev as my career. So I went with the Game Development training course, learned a lot and to be totally honest with you, it was probably the best period of my life. The only thing missing from this was my next endeavour, starting a business and building something truly wonderful, from the ground up, all the way to publishing on Steam. And even dealing with marketing to get people to try it. Learning was ofcourse the main goal because I did not learn all this in college.

# Portfolio

All my work is shown below

# Contact

Got questions? You could always contact me!

Feel free to contact me any time, however I do prefer to be mailed rather than called directly. So please keep that in mind, thank you very much.

Contact info:

Phone: 06 – 294 08 016
Email: lorenzo.pappalettera@gmail.com

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